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Detergents for Pressure Washers, Parts Washers and Car Wash Systems

Are you using soap with your pressure washer? We often find that most users aren’t aware that detergents are available for your pressure washer, and most importantly, they’ll help you clean faster and more efficiently.

Cleaning detergents are safe to use, biodegradable and often reduce the cleaning time. Hotsy Equipment CO offers a wide assortment of detergents specially formulated for use with hot water pressure washers. We have all purpose cleaners, transportation cleaners, degreasers, aluminum brighteners, food and institutional preparation, parts washer detergents and specialty detergents.

There are chemical products available for use in cold and hot water pressure washes, and parts washers for all types of industrial cleaning.

Below you’ll find more information on our most popular detergents:

Power Shine Plus: A special wax is added to provide a durable, attractive finish that keeps dirt from adhering to surfaces and protects them against salt, air pollution and acid rain. Helps restore oxidized paint surfaces of all types. Easy to rinse; reduced water spotting. It is great on polished aluminum.

Super X: This concentrated powder is popular in the agriculture, construction, transportation and food industries. Safe on all surfaces, it’s easy to use, low foaming and free rinsing.

Breakthrough!: This highly concentrated detergent is extremely popular and effective for tackling crude oil and caked-on buildup of fifth-wheel grease, yet it’s gentle enough for fine finishes on cars and to use for general cleaning purposes. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces. Works very well in cold water.

Phosphatizer No.2: A complete and economical detergent and phosphatizing system for one-step cleaning and phosphatizing of iron and steel parts. Hotsy Cleaner / Phosphatizer No. 2 can be used at temperatures ranging from 120°F to 180°F. Equally effective in spray, dip and wipe-on applications.

Aluminum Brightener: An easy-to-apply brightener for cleaning and restoring aluminum surfaces. It even makes oxidized aluminum look like new with just one application. Instantly removes welding smut.

Polished Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner: This non-etching specialty cleaner contains a concentrated blend of surfactants and glycol ethers to quickly penetrate and remove dirt, grease, oil, road film, diesel smoke and welding smut.

Yellow Fever: A powerful acidic cleaner and aluminum brightener to clean and restore stained aluminum surfaces, without dulling bright aluminum finishes. Yellow Fever is effective in removing diesel smoke, grease, carbon, oils and resins. Removes hard-water scale. Effective in removing mineral efflorescence from brick, masonry and concrete.

Cuda Super Clean Plus: An all-purpose powdered concentrate automatic parts washer detergent specially formulated for use on soft metals. It penetrates and cleans hard to remove grease, oil, tar, and carbon based deposits. Recommended Uses: Parts made of soft metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals

Cuda Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor: This is the ideal rust-inhibitor package for parts washers because it resists corrosion of both wetted surfaces and metal surfaces exposed to steam.

Hotsy Defoamer: This biodegradable defoamer is added to parts-washer cleaning solutions to reduce foam buildup. Hotsy Defoamer does not interfere with the detergent's normal cleaning ability.

Soap is available in many sizes ranging from 5 gallons to bulk sizes of 250+ gallons. For businesses with large cleaning requirements, we offer convenient delivery options so you never have to worry about running out of soap.

Consider what you’re cleaning to find the most appropriate pressure washer or parts washer soap for your needs. Call our sales team for a quote today. We have locations in Greeley, CO and Casper, WY but make deliveries in Fort Lupton, Fort Morgan, Sterling, Yuma, Johnstown, Berthoud, Fort Collins, Loveland, Laramie, Cheyenne and throughout Wyoming.