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VAL6 Infrared Heaters – the Most Fuel Efficient Space Heater Money Can Buy

When looking for a heating source that’s highly efficient, portable and competitively priced, consider the powerful VAL6 infrared heater. These space heaters are ideal for many applications, such as a drying surfaces, heating materials for winter construction, warehouse heating and warming up machines, not to mention providing a heating source for people. Since they don’t lose heat in the air, Val6 uses less fuel and takes less BTU's to achieve the same comfort level as a standard portable heater.

The VAL6’s radiant heat penetrates evenly on and into surfaces just like sunlight. It’s simply the best choice for outdoor heating. The VAL6 uses an exclusive radiant heat process. It puts all the heat where it's needed. The VAL6's radiant heat travels in a straight line, unaffected by wind or rain. The infrared heat always travels directly to the intended area, creating a substantially more comfortable environment.

More comfort for less money. The VAL6 can be used both as a heater and dryer. Its rugged construction enables it to provide dependable service anywhere. The advantage of spot heating is that only the areas needed are heated. Val6 are odorless from their perfect combustion system that produces no odor and no smoke while running.

Popular models include the KBE5L, Hotgun 125NA, Daystar, EPX, GN5/GP5 or the MPX. For pricing, contact Hotsy Equipment at 970-351-7910 in CO or 307-234-6403 in WY.