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Clean Energy Waste Oil Heaters

For auto repair facilities, maintenance shops or other businesses with used oil, you have an alternative to turn it into clean, safe free heat for your business. Clean Energy’s advanced line of next-generation waste oil furnaces is more innovative, more efficient and easier to service than any other. And because our furnaces operate on used motor oil, transmission fluid and other petroleum products, they generate a solid return-on-investment in addition to helping the environment.

Clean Energy offers a few innovative key features that set apart our furnaces from other waste oil heater brands. These include vertical flue tubes, stainless steel components, and digital burner controls. These precise controls mean that your furnace will fire up every single time and will always maintain the level you set it at. Best of all, in conjunction with our new Wifi thermostat, firing up your furnace is as easy as tapping the screen of your smartphone.

Sized according to the heating area, we have a model that will meet your needs. From the CE-140 to the CE-330, you’re sure to save money by turning waste stream into clean, safe heat. Learn more about Clean Energy by cliking here

For pricing, please contact our sales team in Greeley, Co or Casper, WY and start saving money today!