Serving Northern Colorado & Southern Wyoming Since 1986

Cascade Engineering Wash Water Treatment Systems and Filters

We are an authorized sales and service center for Cascade Engineering water recycle systems, designed specifically for recycling industrial wash water from pressure washers and similar washing operations. These systems operate automatically and treat water similar to drinking water treatment to produce clear and odor free water. Treated water is normally recycled back for reuse, but can be discharged to city sewer.

Cascade’s recycle systems can treat anywhere from 2 to 16 gallons of water per minute, come completely assembled and can be plugged into a 15 amp, 115 volt outlet

Other products include Oily Water Separators, and High Volume Low Pressure systems, and Water Filter Systems. We stock chemicals and filters in house, so contact us for quick order fulfillment.

For more information on Cascade Engineering wash water treatment equipment, visit the corporate website We are also committed to providing the service needed to maintain these systems, so if you need repair or maintenance, please give us a call.