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Cuda Automatic Parts Washers Save Time and Labor Costs

Consider a Cuda automatic parts washer if you’re in an industry such as auto or truck repair, airline maintenance, hydraulics, electronics and manufacturing which clean parts or components. From small parts, transmissions – even large engine blocks, parts washers make short work of the toughest cleaning jobs, freeing workers to focus on other tasks.

Hotsy Equipment is an authorized dealer for Cuda aqueous parts washers, which are industrial-sized washers that use powerful spray jets of pressurized hot water to clean parts automatically. Combined with specially formulated detergents, you’ll not only clean faster, but you can protect the parts you’re washing with rust inhibitors.

Cuda cabinet washers are available in front-loading or top-loading models, each with multiple electrical configurations. Front-loading automatic parts washers feature roll-in door design that takes up considerably less space and prevents water from dripping onto the floor when the door is opened, preventing slip hazards.

Top-loading washers are usually more compact, yet feature a specially designed mechanical door seal that will not droop or sag to prevent the escape of heat and water from the wash chamber.

No Solvents
One of the best things about a Cuda parts washer is they use no solvents! By using an aqueous parts washer, you won’t have to worry about health hazards and the long-term effects on your staff if they are currently hand scrubbing with toxic and troublesome solvents. Plus you won’t have the hassle of disposing of these solvents

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